Getting Started

Throw You a Bone is a non-profit organization that is teaming up with the Kyrene School District to host Pooch Fest. PoochFest is completely run  by children (with adult mentors) that are going to be raising money, doing research and working the event!

Throw You A Bone is a non-profit organization that strives on community involvement. The organization was inspired by children searching for an opportunity to become entrepreneurs while giving back to the community. Due to their remarkable kind hearts, they sought out two organizations they would like to help – AAWL and Kyrene School District.

AAWL and Kyrene School District thrive on community involvement, volunteerism, education, and creating a village of caring. This year we are launching an event called PoochFest that focuses on teaching children the value of community service through a student-driven program to foster, house, and provide social outreach to gain knowledge and independence through learning life skills such as Entrepreneurship and Leadership skills.