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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Throw You A Bone!

Throw you a Bone was created for kids and by kids. Their overall goal is to assist those in need from finding a babysitter, to fostering a dog, to creating valley wide events. The kids are working collectively in their designated departments by combining efforts of who does what and who plays what role. We have a variety of leaders in the community that are volunteering and working with the kids to learn entrepreneur skills that can assist them today and in the future.

More Info On Sponsors!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PoochFest 2019 sponsor.

We rely on the generosity of corporate sponsors to help us grant more forever homes for our pooches.

Together as a community we are able to provide happy and healthy homes based upon your gracious sponsorship. We are forever grateful for each prospective sponsor’s passion for our mission and desire to work on behalf of PoochFest. With your support we are able to create a variety of events that collaboratively work together to help our furry friends.

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